• This multiple entry stay permit will be granted to Investors wishing to reside in Indonesia for one (C313) or two (C314) years. These permits come with the ability to be converted into a KITAP (see below). You will HAVE to enter indonesia within 90 days of issue. 


    • Must have a Foriegn Company (PMA) in Indonesia. This can be your personal established company, or an existing company you will join. 

    • We are able to provide you with a PMA, or link your KITAS to an existing PMA. 

    • Passport valid for at least 18 months (C313) or passport valid for at least 30 months (C314)

    • Two copies of color self portrait. (4cm x 6cm).

    • If currently in Indonesia, you will need to fly out of Indonesia and return with new KITAS.

*GetVisaToBali will provide guidance and assistance through this process. 

Establishment of a Foreign Investment Company (PMA) with virtual office

  • Processing time: 10-14 days.

  • Price: 

  • Will include all required documents, tax card, and virtual office address valid for 1 year. 

C313 / 1 year 

  • Price:

  • Processing time: 

C314 / 2 years 

  • Price:

  • Processing time: 

Please send inquiries to Hello@getvisatobali.com

Or by Whatsapp: +62 811 3941 6224